Motivation To Move

How do I get involved?

First thing is to find a shelter near you! Each shelter has slightly different policies but there are insurance and identification forms to fill out, then an induction process and sometimes even mandatory training. Sometimes you can download forms off the website of your local shelter (locations) before you go in, then book in for an induction and the staff will show you around and get an idea of your experience with dogs and before you know it you will be bounding around with some of the most enthusiastic running partners you can find.

What do I do?

You have just found the most enthusiastic training partner ever, now go and have fun with them! It deosn’t matter if you walk or run or do a mix of both that all depends on your fitness levels and your new furry friends but staff will inform you of that. The most important bit is to share your experience with a post exercise photo of your doggie training partners to social media, Rescue Your Fitness facebook page and use #rescueyourfitness on instagram so we can increase their publicity and help find them a home.

When can I do it?

Every shelter has different opening times. Please check out the the website of the shelter you are interested in helping for more details.

Do I have to be fit to do it?

NO! There are dogs of every fitness level too. The best thing is ALL of them are excited to be your training partner.

Can I take my children?

Not at this stage. I have not found a volunteer program yet that can accommodate for those under the age of 18.

Can I take any dog?

It is a case by case scenario and there will be some restrictions at some pounds. Some of the restrictions are;

– impounded dogs – dogs which have been picked up by a ranger or escaped and are waiting for their owners to (maybe) pick them up. These dogs can usually go for a run or walk but cannot be put on social media or advertised.

– behavioural issues – dogs which have some issues which only staff can handle.

Then there are the adoption dogs. Dogs which have been impounded past the necessary waiting period, have had their behavioural and health issues sorted and are now looking for someone to love!

Where can I take the dogs?

This is a tricky one so always refer to staff of your local shelter first. I generally just go for a run direct from the pound but some dogs won’t even need to leave the compound. In some instances you may be able to take dogs on a day trip! But remember ALWAYS let staff know your intentions, what they say goes.


Please note: All shelters and pounds, especially independent of the council, are ran differently so you will need to go through their channels to get involved.