How can Rescue Your Fitness help you?

I will promote your shelter on this website and social media to bring more motivated volunteers to you to enrich the lives of your rescues. Rescue Your Fitness strongly encourages volunteers to share their experiences with your dogs on social media with happy, calm images of fun in the sun with rescues exactly how potential families think of time spent with new companions.

We can also promote volunteering at specific times, like before opening on weekends so you can get your facility ready for the public and they can meet calmer more relaxed dogs.

How can Rescue Your Fitness help your rescues?

More volunteers exercising dogs and sharing on social media equals more positive publicity over more networks of people vastly increasing their chances of adoption. Not to mention the daily enrichment of their lives through exercise and socialising.

Is there a cost involved?

No. All promotion by Rescue Your Fitness including events, pack runs, adoption drives, and awareness raising campaigns are at $0 cost to shelters.

How can I get my shelter involved?

Just send me an email and I will start promoting you. All I need is your address and website details so I can list you on my locations page and our team of beloved motivated volunteers can find you.

I already have plenty of volunteers…

If you already have enough volunteers to get all of your dogs exercised every day than I urge you to promote the sharing of photos of your volunteers and rescues to social media, and the Rescue Your Fitness Facebook  page to increase the chances of re-homing. You never know who will see it! This is more about getting more people interested and involved than just one shelter having enough volunteers. Why not have as many people willing to give you their time for free to help you as possible?! If we can work together and create a following we can help to positively influence others into getting volunteer programs operational and positively affecting our industry. Any shelter can have a heavy influx of dogs and having volunteers ready to go can only be a good thing.

Pack Runs

RYF can also facilitate “Pack Run” events to raise local community awareness of your shelter, rescues and the volunteer program you have in place.