Jason_LRI have been involved in puppy rescue, re-homing and foster caring for over a decade and I have had some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life during that time. Something that has always stood out to me is the lack of awareness that people have of this industry and the organisations within it. Numerous times I’ve met vets and carers to foster puppies that have been left in awful places to fend for themselves and most likely die. With a little ‘work’ sharing these stories on social media and through the client base of my personal training business at the time was able to help in finding their forever homes.

Recently I found out through the Facebook page of a friend (who aided in the escape and re-homing of a beautiful little Kelpie pup we named ‘Busta’ and now owner of Gosford Dogs Paws) that a volunteer program had started and so I began volunteering with my local pound at Erina and as I also couldn’t have a dog of my own at the time this became my weekly fix of unconditional love, running and training partners, and an overwhelming amazing feeling of helping those who can’t help themselves. After a while I noticed a diminishing number of humans and a growing number desperate dogs, especially some bigger more energetic breeds which I had been focusing on due to my level of fitness and experience with dogs. Something needed to be done! Although the staff were doing a great job, there needed to be more people that could help out, we needed to recruit. The dogs need to get out and run, humans need to move and we can share their stories with our vast networks of other humans and help find them homes! Rescue Your Fitness was born.

I aim to use success stories created through the Rescue Your Fitness initiative to encourage more pounds and rescue organisations implement volunteer programs, which in turn will improve the lives of the dogs during their stay at these places and their chances of finding new homes. All we need is YOU to get involved! Daily, weekly, monthly, every run, walk, photo and story helps!!


RYF Director